You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming

“You can cut all the flowers but you can never stop the Spring.” – Pablo Neruda novaThis is how the five newly professed Juniors started their word of thanks after they pronounced their vows last June 14, 2020, Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. The Pandemic did not stop Sr. Mary Teresa of Jesus, Sr. Therese Faustina of the Child Jesus, Sr. Pauline Rosa of the Infant Jesus, Sr. Teresa Hanh of Jesus and Sr. Christine Emmanuel of Jesus Crucified from committing themselves to the One they love the most. They heard a wise voice of encouragement, not to lose hope, not to give up but embrace everything with trust and love. Moment of Grace Their passion and excitement were stripped from them when they realized that their families and friends could not come, that they will never experience the singing of the Magnificat and receive the Kiss of Peace from the Sisters, that they could not wear their formal habit, or walk with their own closed shoes.   They began to underestimate the positive value of their being “locked down.” But their online family recollection and three-day Recollection provided an opportunity for them to slow down and refocus their choices in life. The deep experience of inner sadness, depletion of joy and loneliness led them to see the beauty and grace of their consecration.  One of these blessings was that the whole community of the Novitiate had been “locked down” together with the 2 communities of Emmaus and Cana in San Lorenzo for almost 3 months, which meant that these sisters are able to be present and celebrate with them.  They felt in their midst the power of God’s grace and glory at work in the simple things of life. As they let go of their own expectations and unnecessary desires, the season of spring came and brought a rejuvenating joy and enthusiasm. nova1 “Remember….Do not forget” Fr. Dranz, SDB, captured the essence of their consecration in his homily where he kept on repeating this line, “Remember…Do not forget.” He narrated that the people of God in the Old Testament were called to remember that they had been slaves in Egypt and that God redeemed them. We have to remember that at one point in our lives, we were also enslaved by our own weaknesses and sins but Jesus redeemed us from that slavery. He added that many of us have found life going smoothly for years when, all of a sudden, we found ourselves in the middle of a serious crisis. Despite pains, wounds, and hardships, we need to remember and not to forget what God has said and done for us. We should keep on rehearsing, recalling, relishing and reflecting how much He loves us. Fr. Dranz pointed out that constantly, we are challenged to remember and not to forget that God is ever with us no matter what. God’s grace indeed abounds. When it pours, it overflows. The Body and Blood of Christ brought silent and unspeakable miracles that enabled our young Sisters to experience the graceful stillness of Spring, and above all nothing, even this pandemic, can stop us from celebrating the gift of our Consecration. Spring indeed has arrived! collage