Sharing with our Assumption Family in the Asia Pacific province, a milestone for the community of ASEC (Assumption Socio-Educational Center) in Bo.Obrero, on the feast day of St. MARIE EUGENIE OF JESUS, March 10, 2020, the joyous moment of FINALLY OWNING OUR LAND, receiving the LAND TITLE, after 53 years of praying and fighting to make this dream a reality. Since 1967, the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) had been collecting annual occupational fees despite the Presidential Proclamation that we have, and when all resources were down and when all our efforts were exhausted in appealing to different government officials, GOD took over and literally sent HIS ANGELS to help us understand the Public Land Act , disposing our parcel of lot through Special Patent. Our best Jubilee GIFT, we express our Love and gratitude to all the people who had been instrumental especially Sr. Lerma Pangantihon, our Provincial Superior. We continue to be steadfast in this mission, as we fully fix our gaze on the greatest love of all. col final