Sr. Luz Emmanuel celebrates her Diamond Jubilee

 July 2, 2019 Assumption, Antipolo

A celebration of life received 84 years ago – life consecrated 60 years ago:  the celebration gathered together sisters, friends, alumnae, CLAy members, Administrators of the school and many people whom Sr. Luz Emmanuel touched and given a glimpse of God.  Fr. Ernesto Javier,  sj was the main celebrant, friend of Sr. Luz for many years and partners in the different activities they were in:  schools, Care for Creation, Advocacy for Justice and Truth, etc. 8It is a long life, but fully lived, touching the many lives of those living in the periphery.  Fr. Javier recognized the many gifts of Sr. Luz, but acknowledged that these gifts, talents, abilities were given in service of the poor, be it in housing for the homeless, care for creation of the earth, long before “Laudato Si”.  Sr. Luz’s capacity for relationship is real but always in view of helping people touch God, and helping others through friends who are in position to help.  Thanks to Sr. Luz’s gift, the chapel, Multi purpose building, and many buildings in Antipolo are legacies given to Assumption.  Her legacy also lives on in people’s lives.  The Master of Ceremonies, Vince, aptly expressed in his song, “I am who I am now because of you.  You have touched my life; I will never be the same again.” 20190702_101440   We celebrated with Sr. Luz a life fully given, fully lived:  shared, living her Mystery:  St. Sacrement (the Blessed Sacrament). Sr. Luz lives quietly now the memories of all these graces received.  Together with her we look forward to another celebration tomorrow when 6 young women will give their ALL in their first profession – to live a life given to GOD ALONE!   Sr. Luz Emmanuel’s Word of Thanks 10It is my Diamond Jubilee – 60 years as a Religious of the Assumption.  It is my birthday, too.  God is so good to have granted me many years of life.  Some people live only for a few years.  God has granted me many, many years.  So, praise the Lord with me!  I thank Him for everything. When I was 6 years old, I made my 1st Holy Communion.  Then I was confirmed.  I felt the Lord telling me, “Come, follow me.”  And so, I followed Him.  But I waited until I was 21 because my father did not want me to become a nun.  When I turned 21 years old, I eloped with the Lord. Of course, I also thank all my sisters.  Without them I will not be here.  It is because of their support that I am here.  I am strong.  I am healthy.  So, praise the Lord for my community. All there is for me to do now is to thank and praise God for all the blessings I have received during these past 60 years as a Religious of the Assumption.  In the Bible it says, “70 is the sum of our years, 80 for those who are strong”.  Maybe, 90 if you are strongest.  Praise the Lord for all these graces. Thank you.