Sr. Catalina Maria’s Golden Jubilee

Introduction before the Holy Mass   June 29, 2019

We gather today, to celebrate the golden Jubilee of Sr. Catalina Maria, who has spent 39 years of her Religious life in this land that has become her home. What is it to celebrate a Jubilee? In the Bible, particularly in the book of Leviticus, the Ram’s horn is sounded to proclaim Sabbath, freedom and forgiveness in the Land. This land includes the relationships in the community and with all of creation to proclaim that God is the sole owner, the source and the center of all life in this Land. Jubilee frees us to go home to our people, to our traditions, to our ancestors, the family and friends who have made us. Jubilee frees us to remember, moments of growth and freedom, joys and challenging pains. They bring to us memories of loss, of hope and of faith and love that have been handed to us. Jubilee, is celebrating the ongoing Mercy of God, that has not ceased to assure Sr. Catalina of the goodness and Presence of Providence that has never failed to accompany each step of her way, especially during her life as a missionary. We gather with her, her family, her religious community and with all of you to give thanks to the Giver of all Gifts. Because God has been Good, Sr. Cata has been a gift, we must celebrate with her God’s saving action in her life!