April 2019

58 sisters participated in the Phil. country annual retreat on April 13-20, 2019 at the Assumption Retreat House in Antipolo. Inspired by the General Chapter 2018 theme: "Impelled by the Spirit, let us risk ourselves at the frontiers at the service of life," the retreat aimed to help sisters internalize the call to go to the "peripheries."
        Sr. Lerma opened the first session by welcoming all sister-participants and giving the context of this year's retreat.  She invited the sisters to reflect on the wedding at Cana (Jn 2:1-11), the model of transformation. 20190419_090127 The next sessions were on biblical hospitality given by Rev. Fr. Dari, a diocesan priest, immersed among the peripheries of his diocese. He shared the dispositions needed & the dynamics in going to the peripheries. On the 5th day, Bishop Pablo "Ambo" David gave the session on "Reigniting the Fire, Going out to the Peripheries." He shared many examples from the Bible about people in the peripheries, exemplified by Jesus himself. We, too, have to open ourselves to the possibilities which the SPIRIT opens to us to renew the fire in us that will enable us to go to the peripheries. 20190418_184653   The sisters entered the Paschal Triduum reflecting on biblical sources. Letters St. Marie Eugenie were provided to the sisters to aid their reflections.     20190421_110815The celebration of the glorious Easter Sunday was capped by the golden jubilee of Sr. Rose Peter Infante which took place at the Assumption Antipolo school chapel at10 a.m.  Attended by all the sisters from different communities who joined the annual retreat and the sisters from Malibay, the Novitiate, and San Lorenzo communities including Sr. Edith Marie (98 y.o.) and Sr. Patricia (88 y.o.) who led the offertory procession on their wheelchairs, the celebration was a testament of the sisters' unity with Sr. Rose Peter on her joyful milestone.     20190421_113338 GIVE THANKS