A Triple Jubilee

On October 7, 2022, the Chapel of our Lady of the Assumption in Iloilo City was filled with joy and life as we celebrated the triple Jubilee Anniversary of the siblings, Sr. Violinda Maria, r.a., Sr. Anna Carmela, r.a. and Rev. Father Rudy Pesongco.  This is a very rare occasion of siblings celebrating together the Golden and Ruby Jubilees of their religious and priestly consecration to God and His Church respectively.

Fifty years ago, on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, in the same chapel Sisters Violinda Maria and Anna Carmela made their first Vows.  On October 7, 2022 they renewed their vows to God in the presence of their communities, family and friends from all over.  Their niece, Sr. Joanne Pesongco, a Trappistine nun graced the occasion with her presence.  Also joining them was their brother, Fr. Rudy Pesongco who celebrated his 40th Sacerdotal Ordination as a diocesan priest. He is currently assigned in the Good Shepherd Parish, Holbrook in New York, USA.

A triple jubilee,  an abundance of blessings!  It was indeed a day of thanksgiving for God’s gifts of fidelity and love.

We ask the Lord to continue to walk with them and bless their renewed commitment to serve Him until the end.