ii SPORTS DAY – ASSUMPTION KOKUSAI SCHOOL – MINOO, OSAKA --- an experience of joy and community --- in Japan Last 8th of June 2019, Saturday – amidst dark clouds and the forecast of rain, Assumption Kokusai-Elementary Department was determined, come what may, to go ahead with the scheduled SPORTS DAY.

For Assumption Minoo, SPORTS DAY means gathering all the students and their families to come and enjoy being together as one school community in healthy competition to harness the spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

The Principal of Assumption Kokusai School, Ms. Naomi Tanzawa, opened the day inviting all those present to observe three (3) important attitudes that mark Assumption Education:


•persevere and endure to the end “do not give up”; •support, cooperate and help one another “take care of each other”; •do what you must, contribute your particular gift “play your unique part”. These three points express the spirit of Assumption Education.  The importance we give to having a goal and to persevere towards it as fully and as purposefully as possible – to be and do all things well, all the way until the end – no “half measures” – never mediocre.  And in order to see this through, we need one another.  “No one is an island; no one stands alone” in the Assumption.

IMG-a48ace34c1f5829f59c15be0d06980a0-VWe need one another, we complete each other.  And that is why in the Assumption, we emphasize COMMUNITY.  We are able to be and do so much more when we work and do things together as a community.  And finally, in order to build community each one must do his or her part – that part that is unique to each one, that no one else is able to fulfill.  These are the values we would like to instill in the young that have been entrusted to us in the hope that this would also influence their families and in the long run participate in the building of a better society – a better world for all. Rain did pour down as predicted, but nothing, notwithstanding the fatigue of literally “sponging out” water from the field, was to stop the teachers, parents, staff and the students from making this day, unforgettable and enjoyable. iii