Sr. Carla’s Diamond Jubilee, June 5, 2018

Sr.CarlaAllow me to thank you again and again for this evening. To: Sr. Mary Sheryl, Provincial Superior (She was once my Grade One pupil in Iloilo) And the San Lorenzo’s Batches ’84 to ’91 who made all this possible. Thank you most specially to Margie Abary Duavit for coordinating the Batches; To Karla Siopongco Campos and Malu Gamboa Lindo for providing us with food and services; Thank you to Kate Villarruz, Tina Yulo and the Choir of Batch ’91 for the prayerful singing. Thank you Maya Katigbak Colayco and Margie Abary Duavit for the ppt presentation; to Genaro Lopez who led us to a lively singing of beautiful familiar tunes. THANK YOU Boys and Girls of Assumption Iloilo for coming all the way …. representing all the once-upon-a-time kids so dear to my heart. IT IS OVERWHELMING!!!! Indeed, THANK YOU for having entrusted your formation to the Assumption Sisters and in particular to me. And, now, I owe it to you to share where I am after 60 years! In my recent retreat, I saw how life has become simpler and clearer: For the PAST – It’s all awe and gratitude! It’s amazing! For the FUTURE – It’s in God’s Heart and I abandon all to His mercy and Love; We can make Plans, in Hope and the rest is beyond us. It is the PRESENT – the NOW that I want to LIVE! Like a camera, I just want to capture the BEAUTY of TODAY (Beauty is mostly born out of the cross). I want to be a HAPPY GIVER! And so, before the statue of the Risen Christ, His message was clear: “The mortal body is decaying, but the inner man is redeemed day by day” (2Cor 4:16) Well, we know that our mortal bodies will eventually be glorified! Meanwhile, LET’S LIVE HAPPY…..GOD bless!
Sr. Carla Teresa du Coeur de Jesus et Marie, RA Diamond Jubilee – 1958 - June 5 - 2018 Assumption San Lorenzo